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☆//Hypoxia☆ [PC + Quest]

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-Toggles for
~>Top, Sleeves, Fishnet, Fishnet pants, Ears, Tail, Bra, Goop, Pants, Shoes, Ear Piercings, Belts, Choker, Face Bandaids
~> Hair Toggles between long and braids
-SleightlyBall System with custom chomper springjoint
-Skin tone Radial
-Dynamics in
~> Ears, Chest, Butt, Tail, Hair, Sleeves, Mouth Candy
-Colliders in
~>Chest, Floor, Head, Arms
-DPS in all usual spots
~> Radial for Mouth Candy
~> GoGo Loco
~>Rainbow Trails (Toggle)
~>Plushie on/off, holding, placing
~>Rainbow Hair Shift (Toggle)
~> Rainbow Body (Toggle)
~> Audio Link (toggle)

-No Particles, Hand Trails
-Dynamics in
~>Back hair, Sleeves, Tail
-Edited Materials
-No Marker
-No Springjoint
-No plush system

Paid Version includes PC and Quest

-36mb in game
-266k Polys
-Please import DPS yourself
-Poiyomi version included in package! (Poiyomi 7.3)

This product contains no trademarked branding. Textures and meshes were changed to be unique to this avatar.
This avatar contains no scripts, all links to original source scripts are included.
This product abides to all minimum price sale TOS

Update Log
4/5/23 - Updated PC version to have Chest/Butt jiggle. No clue how I missed that I'm so sorry.
-Updated Quest FX layer so she no longer gets stuck/GOGO works

☾Do not sell these items on their own/with edits

☾Do not share this asset

☾Do not claim as your own

☾Do not asset mine from this

☾Must upload as private

☾Only Color/Skin Texture Edits are allowed for my Avatars unless given permission

Body - Sugs#9795 (My Edit)
Head - xSnail#2902 (My Edit)
Hair, Clothes, Eye Texture, Hair Texture, Body Texture Edit, Hair MatCaps, Clothing/Misc. PNGS /Textures, Shoes, Texture Edits, Eyes
PNGS - Uni#1369

3. 0 Unity Work: B o o#8584, Min22en#1888
DPS - Raliv
Fluffs Toolbox -fluff#5265
Gogo - franada#0001
Sleightly Ball - JustSleightly#0001

☾You may not use these if taken off a model, even for private

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☆//Hypoxia☆ [PC + Quest]

57 ratings
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