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☆//Kit PC + Quest + GOGO + SPS

19 ratings

Any clipping in toggle showcase has been fixed since!

-Toggles for
~>Top, Bra, Pasties, Ears, Tail, Choker, Eyepatch, Face Bandage, Ipod, Socks, Corset Piercings, Panties, Hoodie, Hat, Controller
~> Hair Color Radial
~>Skin tone Radial
-Dynamics in
~> Ears, Chest, Butt, Tail, IPod
-Colliders in
-SPS in all usual spots

~> Emission Slider for Hair Color
~> GoGo Loco
~> VRLabs Marker
~> Better Gestures
~> Toggle for Black Clothing (separate from hair)

-Phys Bones - Tail, ears, bangs, ipod, boobs

- no PP

-no trails or SPS

Paid Version includes PC and Quest

-32mb in game
-200k Polys
-Please import VRCFury for SPS
-Poiyomi version included in package! (Poiyomi 7.3)

This product contains no trademarked branding. Textures and meshes were changed to be unique to this avatar.
This avatar contains no scripts, all links to original source scripts are included.
This product abides to all minimum price sale TOS

☾Do not sell these items on their own/with edits

☾Do not share this asset

☾Do not claim as your own

☾Do not asset mine from this

☾Must upload as private

☾Only Color/Skin Texture Edits are allowed for my Avatars unless given permission

Body - Sugs (My Edit)
Head - akamiwaffles (My quest compatible edit/my skin tone edit)
PP - ScarlettKat
Shirt PNG - smol_uni (not for reuse anywhere. Personal comm)
Clothes, Eye Texture, Hair Texture, Body Texture Edit(tattoos, nipples), Clothing/Misc. PNGS /Textures, Shoes, Texture Edits, Every other Mesh - boo.vr

3. 0 Unity Work: boo.vr
Wholesome Installer
Gogo - franada#0001
Better Gestures : realkiri
AV3 Toggle Creator : rafacasari
Quest Conversion, Heavily cutting and edited meshes, being awesome as fuck - sockembopem
Dick Mesh - Urgarulga
Showcase Song - Bayli

☾You may not use these if taken off a model, even for private☾

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☆//Kit PC + Quest + GOGO + SPS

19 ratings
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